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APRIL fools..?

Mercury stations retrograde today at 6:15 pm at 27 ° Aries.

Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars. Marked by combustibility and impatience, as such, this promises to be an intense retrograde/eclipse season.

Mercury is the cosmic trickster. In retrograde, he reminds us of how little control we actually have. He breaks the illusion that “we have a handle on things”. We can expect a few mishaps and shake-ups during this time.

From miscommunications to tech issues, Mercury purposely serves up snafu’s to help break the status quo, revealing our relationship to control. A good motto for an Aries Mercury Retrograde during eclipse season is “we make plans, and God laughs”.

With Aries in the mix, expect these shake ups and snafu’s to reveal where we are quick to anger and are low on patience when things don’t go our way. When our attachments to “should” is questioned by the cosmos. Where we need to work on our temper. Where we let frustration rule the day, and potentially how we wield the tool of frustration as an unconscious weapon or armor.

The retrograde chart is interesting. It contains Mars still conjunct Saturn. Meaning it may feel like our projects have hit a standstill, or are even themselves in retrograde. With both planets in Pisces, we may be lost in indecision around which direction to take next.

However, as Mercury is in Aries, and Aries/Mars rules the Solar Plexus, together with Saturn, who is exalted in Libra, we can use this Mercury retrograde to strengthen our relationship with the qualities, of Honor, Taking a Stand for our Values. Welding them with Authority. Yet also being mindful of the “How”. How do we wield these qualities with the kind of integrity that keeps us true to ourselves? True to our energy and emotional bodies? A sovereign, non-collapsed, non-group think kind of Honor? With Mercury providing frustration as evolutionary fodder, we will have an opportunity to really see who we are in this arena.

Think of this like a particular conversation that your soul is having with the cosmos through the Solar Plexus. Especially because this retrograde season has a grand finale with Mercury conjunct the North Node in Aries on April 25th when it finally stations direct again.

It may be hard to find the edges of the above listed frequencies with Pisces’ influence. So don’t let “defining” them be the goal. Allow them to move through you. To inspire you. But do not try and pin them down.

It isn’t recommended to pin anything down during Mercury Retrograde, or likewise, an eclipse. Instead, it is wisdom, to hold a fluid, reverential, self honoring, non extractive, orientation throughout this portal. It is a particular yoga pose, that may be tough to pull off. However I think it will pay dividends to open to the pose over the next few weeks.

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