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On being Self led

It is estimated only 15 % of the current population are anywhere near to being self- aware (realised), the rest of the world is running around in a perpetual loop of other people's belief systems, conditioning, and projections, wounding and loops of the past.

So what does it mean to be self led...?

Becoming fully self aware (awake) requires one to become conscious and self reflective of our whole self, including our shortcomings/flaws or shadows. (Wounded inner parts) Shadows are parts of us that, we are totally or mostly unconscious of. When we fail to bring these parts of us back into the light, we leave ourselves open to the hijacking or plundering of our systems. Think of a band of cut-throat pirates, commendearing our ship, plundering our stores and treasure and taking over the helm of the ship, leaving you, the true rightful captain, tied and bound to the mast,

We have all fallen prey to another (person or thing or belief) at some time in our lives, if not in this lifetime, then maybe in a previous incarnation. Usually it is due to putting this person or that thing, up on a high pedestal, falsely believing that they are so much more knowledgeable, better, more powerful or gifted than us. Giving them more trust and power over our lives than they truly deserve or have even earned. Usually this is due to feelings of victimhood, that somehow we are lacking, less than, inadequate etc. But you see, this is actually a totally false belief. Each one of us has the duty and potential to become self aware enough, in order to successfully take back the control and navigation system of our own ships and steer them into blissful and fruitfull, nourishing and Sovereign waters.

Whether it be a Guru, mentor, self declared healer, a parent, teacher or so called friend, that saw your light and wanted to feed off of it, in order to elevate themselves or someone who stole your innocence to cloak their own unhealed shadow patterns... self reflection, self knowledge and self awareness are the swords of truth, that empower and cut through illusions of grandure or victimhood from both parties. Knowing your achieves heel, protects you from being led astray and from being take advantage of.

May you always be the one at the helm of your ship... gently guided home by Source.

Sara lou.

Saralou is a therapist that is passionate about empowering people from all walks of life and at all stages of their Healing journey, back to the rightful Sovereignty and become, once again, the Captain of their own ships, in order to achieve their fullest potential, within, without and in relations.

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