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How do we bring our World back into Balance?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Have you ever been so sure of a belief or been totally sold on an idea, or way of being, only to be totally devastated or in shock, disbelief or total cognitive dissonance, when that belief or idea/behaviour turns out to be everything BUT what it was portrayed as.......?

Let's talk about mind-control and the fact that we can be easily influenced, tricked and deceived by our own brains into accepting lies as truths and truth as lies, which in turn, directly influences our behaviour and subsequently, can affect our health, manifesting as dis-ease.

But how can these illusions be so easily implanted into our being? Well, simply put, our own imbalances, make us the perfect match to it.

Lets look at the traits of left brain/right brain imbalancesd thinking........

Left brained imbalanced thinking (Masculine energy-outer world)

action, logic, science

The Master

Rigid Scepticism


Atheism Authoritarianism


Moral Relativism

Social Darwinism

Eugenics Seeks to control other peoples thoughts, behaviours & decisions Tendency towards Violence & Physical Aggression


Ego and greed

Right brained imbalanced thinking

(Feminine Energy- Inner world)

Intuition, creativity, compassion, empathy

The Slave


Blind Belief

Extreme Religious identity/Martyrdom

Willing Slave/Victim

Lets controllers get their way


Self Loathing/Lack of Self belief & Self leadership

Order - follower


Addictive tenancies and attachment via to feelings of unworthiness (Stockholm Syndrome)

Lack of discernment

Co- dependancy

Its important to remember that we all have a masculine and feminine energy within us, left and right brained, whether we are male or female. But the feminine energy has been subject to suppression, for centuries. The scary thing is, it is estimated that 95% are predominately left brained (on a sliding scale of degrees), although this is not rigid and we can alternate between the two. The Master/Slave energy theme has become VERY, VERY visibly manifest in our world right NOW. What is happening on the Worlds political sphere, where we abdicate our personal responsibility and let others rule us. We are being sold a deception, but many of us, still want to buy into that deception, because our feminine energy has become predominately submissive to our masculine energy.

Those (men and women alike) who are predominately rely on left brained imbalanced thinking, can and will, easily manipulate and control individuals or even entire populations of the world, by dangling lies in front of us like bait, and in turn, directly manipulating our behaviour, simply because we directly, albeit subconsciously, hand them the reigns to our right brained imbalanced feminine minds. And the more out of balance your feminine side is, the more easily you will fall for deception of imbalanced thinking of the Masculine side.

How did we become so unbalanced and disconnected?

By closing our hearts, due to trauma, generational and societal programming and losing touch with of the memory of who we truly are.....

In my work with clients, I seek to assist you into bringing the two sides of the brain and therefore consciousness streams, into harmony and balance. Clearing the heart space (Innerchild) of trauma, and restoring the bridge between the two worlds. The masculine and feminine in each individual. The Inner and outer world. Intuition and compassion married/united with inspired action. BUT in order to come into balance, we must learn to take responsibility and ownership for EVERYTHING that goes on in our lives and seek assistance if needed, in restoring the bridge. We cannot simply pass the responsibility on to the manipulators and perpetrators of this world. Doing so is to sell over your sovereignty, your power, your soul.

For all, NEVER has there been a more important time to bring yourself into balance, and remembrance of your true divine self. Balance is THE only place, PEACE & UNITY resides.

Only with fully open hearts, healed of our conditioning, programming and traumas, can we become the Master of our own minds and emotions and be impenetrable to mind control manipulation. The only way to win at this victim/perpetrator, Master/Slave game is to apply knowledge (wisdom) as medicine to the wounds.

To work with me, contact via the enquiry page

One by one, we can create the UNITY, PEACE and JUSTICE (balance) that has been hijacked by our own ignorance and passivity to be willing slaves, regardless of colour, race or gender.

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