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SaraLou Holistics

Regressional, Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapy

HypnoReiki Therapy, Trauma Informed & Parts Aware, SouINavigation & more

Unleash your FULL potential!

About SaraLou Holistics
Regression/Timeline Hypnotherapy, HypnoReiki Therapy, Parts Hypnotherapy & SouINavigation

Awaken YOUR true potential!

SaraLou Holistics Incorporating HypnoReiki Therapy & SouINavigation established their practice in 2016, offering powerful, life changing sessions in several powerful modalities. Including Regression & Parts Hypnosis, "Past" Life Regression, Shamanic, Galatic and Psychic Intuitive Spiritual Coaching to achieve lasting changes. Improving all areas: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relationship, and Spiritual Health. 

At some point or another, we all feel the desire to improve the quality of our lives. Get ready to evolve, change and realise your full potential.

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Alicia. USA

I met with Sara and completed a quantum healing session to assist me with an awful headache I had been struggling with for days. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the results were far beyond anything I could have expected! Sara not only assisted me in getting rid of my acute headache, but she also helped me with something I had learned to live with since I was a child. From the age of 9, I started getting severe headaches. Eventually those headaches turned into something mild and manageable on most days. Every day for years, I had been waking up with a mild headache which would dissipate as the day went on. After working with Sara and clearing my acute headache, I have consistently woken up every single day without that dull headache since. Waking up with a headache every day makes it really hard to start your day out in a positive mood, so my short session with Sara has completely transformed the way I feel waking up and my ability to take charge of my day with a positive mindset! I am endlessly grateful for Sara and I intend to continue to reach out to her for assistance in the future. She has a calming energy which makes you feel so comfortable, so even if you are nervous, she quickly makes you feel at ease. If you are on the fence about reaching out to her, this is your sign to go for it. Only you are standing in your own way and preventing yourself from healing.

Trish. UK

After many years of mental pain caused by a situation that happened in my childhood I decided to get help. After regression I discovered my inner child. With Sara's loving guidance I was able to move on with my life. Immense gratitude Sara.

Marie, UK

I had one session with Sara and my life is already feeling better. She doesn't do the work for you, she helps you figure out how to fix things for the better. I highly recommend Sara's services.

Sabrina. UK

What an amazing session with Sara.

I was a bit dubious when I booked in, had seen someone years ago, it didn't help.

This said, I went in with an open mind and I'm so pleased I did.

Made to feel at ease quickly, we went through the process feeling safe at all times to go with what came up for me. By the end of the session I felt such a weight lifted and the ache I had in my shoulders lifted. I can't really describe how I felt, other than that I felt light and like there was a glow inside and around me. It was such an amazing feeling and experience. Since I have continued to feel lighter and brighter and once in a while a specific feeling of loving feeling I had comes back to remind me. Beautiful.

A wonderful experience that has helped me on a deep level and continues to do so.

Thank you so much Sara.

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