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The Legalities

Certified & Insured Hypnotherapy Service Provider

Clients must understand that results vary from client to client and their full commitment to change and therefore, no 'cure' of the presented issues or problems can be guaranteed.
Hypnotherapy is not, in any way, a replacement for professional medical or psychiatric treatment. The therapists of HypnoReiki Therapy, are not medical professionals and will not attempt to diagnose, treat or prescribe for any condition. If advised to, you will be expected to seek appropriate medical advise. The therapist reserves the right to withhold any further sessions until you have done so.
You have the right to terminate any session immediately, at any time should you wish to do so, however none completion will greatly affect results, for which the Therapist is not in any way liable.
Sessions may be audibly and digitally recorded and any such recording will be made available to you, for your own personal use only.
Confidentiality will be maintained in all, but exceptional circumstances and the therapist will not disclose details to any persons, unless required to do so by law or in any case that they consider that you may be in immediate danger, either to yourself or to others, and not to disclose, may result in serious harm.
The sharing of anonymous case studies with NHS medical professionals or peer support groups, is not considered a breach of confidentiality. SouINavigation & HypnoReiki Therapy operates under Uk  law. despite Client Location.

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