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The Barking dog of the False Ego.

The false ego we all build in order to 'survive' in childhood and early adult life, will be greatly offended by soul lessons. This does not mean the people concerned in delivering them are bad though. And there is no need to shoot the messenger. The false ego likes to point fingers and make everything the fault of the other for its own survival. The false ego is not the TRUE you, though. You see, when we point the finger, you will eventually learn you are actually pointing to your own shortcomings. You may also one day, come to realise you have fully agreed to this experience, jointly with this other person, out of mutual love for each other, prior to incarnating, in order to expand and heal your Soul. It is so easy to say they are the sole cause of the hurt you feel, but this is a false perception of the true reality. This is what it means when the veil of illusion dissolves. What they have actually done is triggered a bleeding wound you already posses, in order to help you recognise it and heal it. If you are unable to recognise, heal and integrate the lesson, it will simply keep on repeating until you do. You have to open your heart to receive the lesson and blessings in these situations. Breath. Centre yourself. Humble yourself. And come home to love.

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