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Nature Whispers the promise of brighter days....

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Nature whispers in the soft petals of the snowdrop. Its delicate beauty is a reminder of the subtle beauty of the natural world. Its presence in the winter months reminds us of the resilience of nature, and its ability to bring joy, even in times of hardship.

It can be hard to stay positive when we're surrounded by negative messages, Blue Monday being just one of them! But it's important to remember that we have the power to choose how we react to them. We can choose to not let words steal our joy. Let's take this Blue Monday to remind us of the coming blue, spring skies and as an opportunity to focus on the things that bring us joy and let the rest go!

Snowdrops carry a very deep meaning behind them. As one of the first flowers of spring, they often symbolise new beginnings, hope, rebirth, purity and the ability to overcome challenges. This makes it a very positive flower to give someone who might be going through the transition of change and might need some extra support. Snowdrops are a beautiful flower, and their white color is associated with many positive attributes. White can symbolize, innocence, spirituality, and sympathy, making snowdrops a meaningful gift for many occasions. The delicate beauty of this flower, along with its connotations of purity, can make it the perfect gift to show your appreciation and love.

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